How an EIT Graduate Is Paving the Way for Women in Engineering

A highly skilled Process Engineer and almost three-time EIT graduate, Renée Gaspar has achieved an impressive list of qualifications and experience that have opened her eyes to new ways of thinking and solving problems.

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  • How and Why Become an Electrical Engineer?
    on 14 June 2022

    The textbook definition says that electrical engineering is “the branch of engineering that deals with the practical application of the theory of electricity to the construction of machinery, power supplies, and so on”. What Do Electrical Engineers Do? Because electricity is all around us, electrical engineers are employed across a broad range of industries including aerospace, defense, marine, manufacturing, power generation, transmission and distribution, resources, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities. Continue reading How and Why Become an Electrical Engineer? at EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology.

  • Can Engineers Go Plastic-Free?
    on 13 June 2022

    This Plastic Free July serves as a reminder that engineers use different polymers than those that pollute the oceans – but have a role to play in environmental management. The Australian civil action movement Plastic Free July started in 2011. Initially, the campaign included the movement’s founder and a small group from the local government in Western Australia. Now it aims to share Plastic Free solutions to help reduce plastic waste globally. Continue reading Can Engineers Go Plastic-Free? at EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology.

  • Plant Residue That Generates Electricity: EIT Academics Contribute To Sustainability Education In India
    on 13 June 2022

    Biomass power production will play an important part in the sustainable energy future. So when the call came to academically contribute to sustainability, three EIT academics jumped at the opportunity. Dr Harisinh Parmar our Lab coordinator, Dr Milind Siddhpura, Course coordinator for Mechanical Engineering and Dr Arti Siddhpura a Lecturer for Mechanical Engineering penned a book chapter A sustainability case study of a biomass power plant using Empty Fruit Bunch in Malaysia. Continue reading Plant Residue That Generates Electricity: EIT Academics Contribute To Sustainability Education In India at EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology.

  • World Ocean Day: Dropping the ‘s’ but not sustainability
    on 7 June 2022

    World Ocean Day is here for us all, including engineers, to think about what we can do to protect our precious oceans. In 2022 World Ocean Day is changing. If you’re a supporter of the annual event that focuses on the ocean you would have noticed the logo changed this year, dropping the “s” from World Ocean(s) Day. Source: United Nations World Oceans Day/ YouTube The reason might seem like simple wordplay, but it digs deeper. Continue reading World Ocean Day: Dropping the ‘s’ but not sustainability at EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology.

  • Coffee, College and Creativity
    on 20 May 2022

    Grace Traeger is our intrepid Graphic Designer based in our Perth office. A few weeks ago she gave us chapter and verse on branding at the Engineering Institute of Technology. Despite my initial lack of enthusiasm, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It also reminded me of a most unexpected, but rather wonderful discovery in the middle of the Western Cape last month. Photo: Edwina Ross After a frustrating hiatus of two years, Steve Mackay and I were back in South Africa. Continue reading Coffee, College and Creativity at EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology.

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