Our Governing Board

Our Academic Board

Mr. C. Aitken

Dr. S. Mackay

Independent Members
Dr. S. Male, Ms. H. Lawrence, Mr. N. Fernandes

Staff Representative
Mrs. C. Patterson

Mrs. C. Asenjo

Prof. A.Kalam

EIT Representative
Dr. S. Mackay

Teaching Representatives
Mr. T. Cousins, Mr. M. Shuttleworth, Mr. Reynders, Ms A. Evangelista

Invited Members
Mr. J.Russell

Mrs. C. Asenjo

Our Management Team

Dr. Steve Mackay is the founder of the Engineering Institute of Technology. He firmly believes in Nelson Mandela’s mantra that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” His leadership has inspired EIT’s unique and distinctive approach to engineering education.

Since 2008 three core objectives define the essence of the institute:

  • Collaborating comprehensively with industry to ensure graduates are job-ready.
  • Employing platforms of learning to facilitate student accessibility and engagement.
  • Keeping the business of education student-centric.

Dr. Mackay has enjoyed a varied career in engineering, having worked in automation, data acquisition, instrumentation, data communications, and process control throughout Australia, Europe, Africa, and North America over the past 35 years. He has successfully pioneered the application of new technologies in Australia and overseas, installing industrial data communication systems and implementing live online education, (including remote laboratories), for engineering students worldwide. Dr. Mackay has been involved in a range of industries, including power stations, mining, mineral processing, oil/gas/petrochemical plants, and platforms. He has presented courses on industrial data communications, data acquisition, instrumentation, and process control to over 30,000 engineers and technicians worldwide for clients such as NASA, Rolls Royce, and BP. He has also co-authored and edited 25 engineering books that have been published across the world. Dr. Mackay is a Fellow of Engineers Australia with a license to practice as a Chemical, Mechanical, and Electrical Chartered Professional Engineer. As Dean of the Engineering Institute of Technology, Dr. Mackay leads the institute in providing microcredentials and engineering qualifications to over 2000 students per year from 140 countries. He has an unswerving focus on student outcomes and on excellence in education.

Indu V, as a Chartered Professional Engineer, has a background in electrical and electronics engineering, with 17 years of experience in engineering, leadership, and engineering education. In Singapore, she worked extensively in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, as a failure analysis engineer. Subsequently, in Perth, Western Australia, she has accrued considerable experience as a lecturer in both the higher education (HE) and vocational education and training (VET) sectors. In 2017 she was awarded the North Metropolitan Trainer of the Year, in recognition of her passion and innovation in teaching, learning, and curriculum development, and she then went on to become a finalist at the WA Trainer of the Year.

Indu has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Canberra, a Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education, from Charles Sturt University, and a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Western Australia.

Indu is a strong advocate for women and girls in STEM programs and actively volunteers as a mentor.  Her passion for education has extended into her current Ph.D. research on empowering students and lecturers using data analytics via electroencephalography (EEG) sensors.

Caroline’s career in education and training has spanned 17 years, and she has been involved with multiple successful regulator, professional body, and internal audits. She has extensive experience in policy development in the VET and Higher Education sectors, ensuring compliance across all policies and processes institute-wide.

Caroline is responsible for the oversight of EIT’s VET and Higher Education operations and also is a member of EIT’s Governance Board.

Danielle has a background in project management, with extensive experience in coordinating projects and people. Her knowledge of, and a life-long passion for, writing has put her at the center of EIT’s material development process. She is always looking to improve the student experience through the provision of interactive, professional, and consistent materials that work to support students throughout their studies.

Danielle is responsible for developing and updating the teaching and learning resources for all of EIT’s courses, including implementing a continuous improvement process to ensure the materials are of the highest standard. She also manages EIT’s eLibrary and is constantly looking to expand the volume and quality of resources offered to students.

Jason has an immense amount of experience in coaching and learning development and his 10 year career has provided him exceptional administrative skills. He is enthusiastic about helping people, and with his outstanding communication skills, provides our students the highest level of encouragement in anticipation of their success. Jason is currently Acting Higher Education Manager and oversees EIT’s Learning Support Officers who ensure the Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering, Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate course units are run effortlessly each semester, and that students are afforded the very best support for their studies.

Paul is a qualified and experienced manager and administrator.  Paul graduated with a bachelor of business degree, a post graduate diploma in business administration and also a certificate IV in training and assessment. Paul has managed teams at different levels for over 25 years in different countries and is very passionate about education and training and the effects they have on the individual and the community as a whole.

Carolina completed a Bachelor of Production Engineering and a Master of Commerce (Marketing), equipping her with a distinctive set of skills to analyze data in order to improve marketing processes and results. At EIT, Carolina is responsible for the ongoing review of marketing and sales figures and identifying growth opportunities on a global scale. When it comes to scrutinizing big data, she is a passionate advocate for precision and accuracy in order to make properly informed decisions.

Lisa manages Human Resources at EIT, from staff performance management to recruitment. She is always on the lookout for experienced and qualified lecturing staff to include in our team. Lisa is also responsible for student FEE HELP applications, travel and logistics for our onsite training courses and the general, day to day running of the office.

With 20-years experience in driving Australian education and training into greater recognition and acceptance in the domestic and international markets, Kevin works closely with individuals, companies and government departments in over 150 countries. Kevin has negotiated contracts for training with many major multinational corporations, with notable deals achieved with; NASA, Boeing, the US Departments of Energy and Defense, BP, Chevron, Rio Tinto, Rolls Royce and BHP Billiton. Assisting with multiple layers of EIT’s international collaborations and partnerships, Kevin helps in opening doors and closing deals. Asked what his key business philosophy is, Kevin confidently responds; “To always do, what I say I will do!”

Belinda’s career originated as an auditor with KPMG. Due to a desire to have more involvement in the financial aspects of business, Belinda transitioned into broader accounting roles. Belinda has significant experience across diverse industries including manufacturing and mining services. Her strengths include implementing process improvements to increase efficiencies and create cost savings.  Belinda’s wide skill set and meticulous attention to detail is highly valued at EIT.

Sarah specializes in the organization of EIT’s technical industry events, running conferences in Australia, Asia, the UK, North America, New Zealand, and South Africa. Her solid organizational skills and eye for detail on each project from beginning to end, combined with her background in marketing, events, media, and business administration, have built up a large professional catalogue of events. She is always on the look-out for the newest developments in critical engineering subjects with a focus on practical case studies and applications of technology in industry.

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