on April 16th, 2008

Dear Colleagues

In addition to the hundreds of whitepapers (growing daily) on our site freely available to you, we have also placed up a reasonable number of conference papers (from the UK/South Africa and Australia) for you to download (at no charge obviously). These range from Pumps: Maintenance, Design and reliability, to Safety Control Systems and Industrial Wireless systems. Obviously we would appreciate it if you would acknowledge the authors (and their companies) if you refer to them in your work. We are enormously grateful to all these engineering professionals who made their expertise and knowledge freely available to their peers.

Yours in engineering learning


Conference Papers

A selection of papers presented at past conferences.

Pumps: Maintenance, Design and Reliability - South Africa 2008

Bernard Da Cruz - "Pump Characteristics and ISO Efficiency Curves"
Cornelius Scheffer - "Pump Condition Monitoring Through Vibration Analysis"
Hugo Howse - "The Use of Thermal Spray Coatings to Reduce the Life Cycle Costs of Mine Dewatering Pumps"
James Cowling - "Condition Monitoring, Lubrication Control and Electrical Current Discharge Protection for Pump and Motor Bearings"

Safety Control Systems - UK 2007

Harvey Dearden - " Whos Afraid of IEC 61508/61511?"
Clive DeSalis - " Certification in Perspective"
Colin Easton - "The Safety Integrity Verification of Legacy Safety Instrumented Systems"
Marc Pijnenburg - "Definition of Safety Instrumented Functions"
Stewart Robinson - "Two New Standards for Machinery Safety-Related Control Systems"

Industrial Wireless and Ethernet - Sydney 2007

Graham Moss - "The Wireless Plant of the Future"
Wayne Manges - "Intelligent Wireless Technology Agility, Mobility, and Security"
Jamil Khan - "IEEE802.11- based High Capacity Wireless LANs"
Asghar Khan - "The Sydney Water West Camden Recycled Water Supply Project "
Deon Reynders - "The Nuts and Bolts of Industrial Wireless Communications"

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