on July 11th, 2016

The global smart energy market will see seven vendors rising up above the rest, to capitalize on the new era of clean energy production with an added layer of digitization as the Industrial Internet of Things. The seven leading vendors were determined by a study done by Technavio, which considered energy companies that provided services in "smart-grid, HEMS, digital oil fields" and leading solar technologies, all in the name of clean and smart energy production. The efficiency of these power companies was also considered. Technavio estimates that these seven vendors will lead the market from 2016 to 2020. Thus, we begin our series titled Global Smart Energy 2016 to 2020 and catch up with these seven energy companies to see the work they are doing in energy sectors and to see what qualifies them as the top vendors for global smart energy. 

Landis + Gyr

It's easy to see why Landis + Gyr are word leaders in global smart energy production. The company has provided a host of countries smart electricity technologies. Their slogan is, "manage energy better," and it is clear to see they do that through giving the consumer the power. They offer a host of smart metering technologies to ensure that the consumer knows and understands how much electricity is being used, and how much can be saved. 

EIT Stock ImageThey have a global portfolio that encourages increased efficiency in energy management. In the Netherlands, they have installed smart street lighting to ensure lights are only being used when brutally necessary. They have installed smart-grid technologies including large-scale battery and PV technologies in Japan and the United States.  In Estonia, they have installed 630,000 residential metering points to ensure consumers get the right amount of electricity based on how much they have paid. 

In Slovenia, the company employs what they call a "virtual power plant" that supplies 60MW to the cyber-grid. The transmission system operator installs the virtual cyber-grid which assists with regulating and balancing power that gets sent to industrial and consumer-based demands. 

In France, a $77.8 million project has ensured that Landis + Gyr's smart meters make their way into French customers' houses. The meters are built in an automated factory based on engineers' designs. The money for the project was provided by the European Regional Development Fund, that is ensuring the smart metering technology makes it further into France. 

“Landis+Gyr is proud to have been selected by ERDF as one of the main suppliers for this ambitious programme to bring smart meter technology across France”, said Andreas Umbach, Landis+Gyr’s President and CEO.“We look forward to helping them realize the goal of empowering their customers to better manage their energy consumption.”

The deal sets the record for the world's largest smart metering rollout. 

The company also assists cities in becoming smarter. In Yokohama City, Japan, Landis + Gyr is in charge of making the city smarter, energy wise. They have installed home energy management systems, central management systems for smart grids, electric vehicle charging stations and SCADA systems that keeps an eye on the energy production of the city. The company also supplies advanced metering options to Denmark, Rome, Spanish customers. They also specialize in smart gas technologies in Britain.


Source: Landis + Gyr



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