Get paid while you study and gain academia experience!

Assistantships provide future and/or current Doctor of Engineering students of high calibre a very affordable way of completing their Doctoral program. This is also a great opportunity for a student to gain valuable experience in academia.

Full-time and part-time research Doctorate students may be awarded assistantships, which fall into 2 general categories: Teaching Assistant (TA) and Graduate Assistant (GA).

Assistantships are an arrangement in which financial support is given to a graduate student who engages in teaching and/or research in furtherance of the institute’s academic mission, as well as his or her graduate education.

A teaching assistant is an academic appointment that provides support in the teaching of a course. Teaching assistants may assist in teaching a section of a course, lead discussions, become involved in marking assessments and/or lead laboratory sessions. Teaching assistants average no more than 10 hours per week for the base stipend as established by the Institute. Teaching assistants maybe invited to deliver a full portion of a course if they have the appropriate academic background and teaching experience.

A GA is an academic appointment averaging no more than 12 hours per week for the base stipend as established by the Institute. A student is considered a GA after successfully completing the 1st semester of the DEng program. For example, a GA appointment might include assisting a faculty member in developing and coordinating an academic conference, guide bachelor and master thesis students in their final year project/thesis related to the GA’s field, marking of assessments related to the GA’s field, creating practical assessments and other academic work as determined by the faculty.


This assistantship awards a 10% discount on total tuition fees for the next term/semester*.

Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants will be paid at a stipend rate of AUD$32/hour or equivalent for their duties.

The TA and GA rates will be reviewed annually.

*Discounts will be applied to the tuition fees for up to a maximum of 4 units in one semester/term. Discounts are applied to the amount and currency invoiced to the student.

Number Offered: Limitless.

Applicable to: All future and current Doctor of Engineering students (Teaching Assistants).  All current Doctor of Engineering students (Graduate Assistantships).

Delivery Locations: Online

  • Applicant must receive and accept an offer, or be currently enrolled into EIT’s DEng program as a full time or part time student.
  • You must not be currently employed by EIT in a teaching role.
  • You must not be a recipient of the EIT staff postgraduate research scholarship.
  • You must not have failed any units during your study in the DEng program at EIT
  • You must not have any outstanding tuition fees owing to EIT
  • You will be invited to do an academic presentation with the academic faculty as part of the eligibility process.

The EIT academic faculty will select and appoint TA and GA roles, based on satisfying all eligibility requirements and suitability for the position.

  • Please complete and submit the below Scholarship Application Form along with your course application.
  • If you have already submitted your course application, you can still send in your Scholarship Application to: [email protected]
  • Cut-off date for scholarship applications is 1 month prior to the start date of the course.

As this scholarship is dependent of your previous semester’s academic results, the actual scholarship selection is not confirmed until you have completed the previous teaching period and all results have been released.

Please do not let this stop you from applying; you do not have to wait until the release of your academic results as we can apply scholarships retrospectively and refund any difference in tuition fees due if you are successful.

  • Step 1: Complete the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Step 2: Submit your application to [email protected] by no later than 3 weeks before the next semester/term. Your application should be addressed to the EIT Scholarship Panel.
  • You will not be eligible for other scholarships or stipends available to EIT students/staff.
  • To be eligible for an ongoing assistantship, you must be actively teaching or provide academic assistance as set by the faculty in at least one unit/module during the DEng.
  • Your engagement in the TA/GA duties will commence as early as the start date of a semester.
  • A separate contract will be provided for TA/GA duties.
  • The Assistantship is only applicable to the term/semester. Applicant will need to re-apply at the end of each term/semester.
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