Value: 25% discount on tuition fees for the next term/semester combined with mentorship with one of EIT’s female engineers. Please note that discounts will be applied to the tuition fees for up to a maximum of 5 units in one semester/term. Discounts are applied to the amount and currency invoiced to the student

Number offered: Each Semester : 1 x online bachelor’s; 1 x on-campus bachelor’s; 1 x on-campus master’s. For online master’s: Term 2 & 4 –  1 each term

Opening Date: 6 weeks before the start of the next semester/term

Closing Date: 3 weeks before the start of the next semester/term

Applicable to: All current female students (have previously completed at least 1 unit prior to application)

Applicable courses: All EIT higher education courses

Delivery locations: Online and On-Campus – Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria.

  • Must be a continuing female student studying one of EIT’s higher education courses online or on-campus.
  • Must have been enrolled in at least one semester or term of your current course of study prior to submitting your application.
  • Must have achieved an overall average course mark to date of at least 75%.
  • Must not have any outstanding tuition fees owing to EIT.
  • Must submit an application form (found below).
  • Must be full fee-paying, without existing scholarships. Students can apply for multiple scholarships, but will only be awarded one scholarship.
  • Completed application form
  • Academic record
  • Financial standing
  • Awarded to the highest academic performance of the scholarship applicants for each course type (undergraduate and postgraduate) in each mode of delivery (online and on-campus)

As Women in Engineering scholarships are awarded based on your academic results, the actual scholarship selection made by the EIT Scholarship panel is not confirmed until you have completed the previous teaching period and all results have been released.

Please do not let this stop you from applying; you do not have to wait until the release of your academic results as we can apply scholarships retrospectively and refund any difference in tuition fees due if you are successful.

Step 1: Complete the application form: Application Form.

Step 2: Submit your application to [email protected] by no later than 3 weeks before the next semester/term. Your application should be addressed to the EIT Scholarship Panel.

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