on February 28th, 2018

A Moodle Upgrade is Inbound...


The Engineering Institute of Technology has been in the works of implementing a new and improved Moodle LMS.

Here at EIT, we work diligently to ensure that we comply with the latest web standards available on the market. We’re dedicated to providing anonymity for all our students’ data, and ensuring that everyone has a comfortable experience when interacting with Moodle.

We are in the works of upgrading our current LMS, which will yield numerous benefits for all our students once implemented.

How Does this Impact Me?

As we endeavour to perform the upgrade, we’ll be forced to take Moodle offline for the weekend. This is a requirement of the upgrade, as the server will be under significant stress throughout this time. It also ensures that we mitigate any potential data corruption that could occur.

We highly recommend students download all the relevant materials they intended to use throughout the course of the weekend, as they won’t be accessible from Friday the 2nd of March at lunch time.

When we have completed the upgrade, we will then send an email out informing them of the status. We then urge all students to check that everything is in working order, as that will assist staff with cracking down on any potential errors or gaps.

2018 March Timeline:

  • 2nd Friday: Moodle will go down at lunch time.
  • 3rd Saturday - 4th Sunday: Upgrade in progress.
  • 5th Monday Moodle will be live and useable again.

We’re undertaking this upgrade to enhance the experience of our students; therefore we thoroughly appreciate everyone's patience with this endeavour.

What is the Purpose of the Upgrade?


We have implemented an overhaul of the current platform, ensuring that our Moodle complies with the modern UI standards. The aesthetics of the platform attempt to focus the content relevant to you, highlighting any important updates or links that are presented by the LSO’s.

Functionally, the new look endeavours to reduce overall load speeds, and reacts well when accessing the platform on a mobile device.

Don’t panic though, as the primary navigation around the site platform has not changed all that much.




We’ve noticed some minor security issues starting to appear on the platform; which has prompted us to move forward with the system. The new Moodle upgrade will facilitate the most up to date security features, ensuring that the data and course work of our students is protected.

Security of our students is our top priority at EIT. We will stop at nothing to ensure total anonymity of sensitive data, and protection against malicious attacks external to the platform.

If you have any questions regarding the update, please contact your relevant LSO!

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