on December 13th, 2016


Applications Now Open!

EIT is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications to join the January 2017 intakes of each of the Master of Engineering Degrees:

  • Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)
  • Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems)
  • Master of Engineering (Safety, Risk and Reliability)


If you hold a Bachelor Degree, you can apply for a place on one of these two-year part-time (100% online) study programs - accelerate your career into high gear.

Due to the demand for the limited places on these degrees, you should act now; our window for accepting applications will be short.

You can obtain fees, payment options and copies of the application forms by completing the course enquiry form here: www.eit.edu.au/course-enquiry.

The live, online method of teaching will ensure that engineers and graduate technologists can begin the two year programs wherever they are in the world. Furthermore, the qualification is attained part time, allowing students to study alongside work and family commitments.

The EIT interactive platform of learning provides students with two vital benefits. The first is the option, during every live session, to question their lecturers. The second is the ability to form networks within the virtual classroom with other master students based around the world.

Give your career and your self-esteem a massive boost. Contact us today.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degrees

We are also delighted that the Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees have been accredited by TEQSA, Australia’s regulatory authority. These BSc degree programs fit in seamlessly to EIT’s other program offerings allowing you to progress from a post school certificate (e.g. trades certificate) to 18-24 month Advanced Diploma, 3-4 year BSc, culminating in a 2 year Master of Engineering degree.    

FREE Information Session

If you are interested to know more about the BSc and Master  programs, attend our live, online information session with EIT's Dean of Engineering, Dr Steve Mackay. For full details and to register your place, please click here.

Applications are now open for the January 03, 2017 intakes for the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering)

One of the concerns that students may have is: "Will I be able to finish the program?”. Yes you will! You will receive full support from the lecturers and your Learning Support Officer and mentor; we want you to complete the degree, as much as you do. The dedicated learning coordinators and knowledgeable lecturers will all focus on providing you with the know-how to help you through the degree program, which will benefit you throughout your engineering career.

You are assuredly getting the most effective online education available. Our highly interactive sessions with experienced passionate engineering lecturers, supported by keenly interested learning coordinators for each class, is a key to our ongoing success and industry high graduation rates. We believe this is by far the best way to achieve outstanding results in your engineering education.

Read more on our Bachelor of Science programs here.

Applications will close December 16, 2016.

Do not miss out on a place – APPLY NOW!

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