on December 9th, 2016
A relative newcomer on the education scene, the Engineering Institute of Technology (the EIT) plans to host a free breakfast meeting in mid-September to examine trends in engineering employment, specifically the oft-quoted skills shortage. The purpose of the meeting will be to offer engineers, technicians, tradespeople, and employers some perspectives on the where the gaps are and “how to convert shortages into an opportunities” says Foundation Dean Dr. Steve Mackay.
It has been only 4 years since the Engineering Institute of Technology was formed as a sister company to long-standing Perth-based training provider IDC Technologies. The aim, according to Dr Mackay, was for the EIT to “redefine online education, to make study achievable for those of us who have significant commitments that also deserve priority: work, family and recreation.” Today the EIT has developed a solid track record with hundreds of engineering students worldwide joining video and web based sessions from their home or workplace.
The breakfast gathering in Perth on September 14 will begin with some insights into the skills shortage offered by John Masters, Managing Director of JSM Appointments. Mr Masters will examine specific trends and their impact on engineering and technical jobs, aiming to identify the fields likely to be most in demand. He will also consider where that demand is going to be strongest. His perspective is drawn from the exclusive focus of JSM: the professional engineer, the engineering technologist and the engineering associate.
Mr Masters explains that “there has been a great deal said and written about the skills shortage faced by our resource sector, but I believe we can add a little insight which can be used effectively by savvy individuals.  There is no doubt that companies can identify their own specific gaps. We are lucky enough to have a broad view about trends which we think is immensely valuable for engineering professionals and their employers.”
Dr. Mackay will then consider what these trends mean for engineers and associates who are trying to make to right career decisions. Dr. Mackay says that “career planning can be a neglected aspect of an engineer’s professional development. Many seem to allow their careers to be dictated by corporate happenings or things like the skills shortage, and that can be quite acceptable when it works out. But I am a great believer in the value of setting goals. It is possible to actively develop one’s career with a combination of effective goals and targeted activities.” At the breakfast meeting, Dr Mackay will draw upon case studies from the EIT’s own courses and students to give some ideas and perhaps inspire those who can attend.
Dr Mackay explains that “feedback from past students about our courses has been highly favorable. We now have potential students who may have attended traditional classrooms asking about this accessible type of distance learning. It can save them travel, it can be easier to fit into home and family life, and it is cost effective for the employer.”
This EIT sponsored information session is an ideal opportunity to hear about engineering career futures, get some valuable “inside knowledge” and begin to make your plans for 2012 and beyond.
Attendance is recommended.
Where? Ibis Hotel, 334 Murray Street, Perth (near CAT bus stops and main Bus station)
When? Wednesday September 14, 7.00am breakfast then 7.30am to 8.45am presentations and discussion
Register: Call 9321 1702 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The EIT was established by the founder of IDC Technologies, Dr Steve Mackay. In the last four years the EIT has been steadily expanding the range of courses it offers internationally via distance learning using the latest technologies to provide students with an engaging and interactive experience. IDC Technologies has been providing high quality training for 20 years on an international basis from offices around the world. In the past few years tens of thousands of engineers, technicians and scientists have attended IDC workshops. IDC provides short workshops, on site training, conferences, masters series, and publishes a comprehensive range of practical manuals and texts. 

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