on April 14th, 2016

Good news for engineers in the piping industry. CAD Schroer, a 3D plant design software company has released a software called M4 ISO  that would assist with the process. Also known for their MEDUSA4 software, the company gives mechanical engineers the ability to develop designs for practical uses in the industry.

The new program assists engineers with pipework fabrication, creating drawings with Creo 3D geometric data. If you already use PTC Creo Piping, fear not, M4 ISO is able to plug straight into the program. 

PTC Creo Piping's software has many positive attributes. This is what happens 

  • Minimize errors and reduce time-consuming tasks by automating the capture of all relevant system information, such as the schematic design, virtual prototype, or manufacturing documentation
  • Fully automate your routing so you can quickly determine the optimum path for manufacutring, cost, and serviceability 
  • Increase design speed through the reuse of standard symbols, connectors, and fitting contained in customizable library 
  • Reduce costs and design time by eliminating the need for physical prototypes, made possible through virtual interference checking and automated manufacturability verification


Talking about the new M4 ISO program, Mark Simpson, the product line manager at CAD Schroer, said that the software can accurately depict pipe spools "of all sizes, lengths and complexities on a single sheet." He added, "The advantage of our solution is that the Creo Piping user can, at the touch of a button, immediately obtain complete and detailed piping isometric drawings for either all or a selection, of the pipelines. Although one does not see a lot of M4 ISO, it delivers excellent results. All of the drawings, bills of materials, tube cutting lists etc. are made available in the blink of an eye, and they can be passed on to the production domain." 

There also piping templates - which can also be modified -  available to engineers so they don't have to draw from scratch. The software instantly makes the engineer's job easier and gives the entire team an accurate 3D documentation of what the piping network should look like and ensures safer practices by an entire team. 

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