on April 29th, 2019

On a mild autumn day on the 26th of April 2019, the Engineering Institute of Technology hosted a seminar in Midrand, South Africa. Inquisitive, prospective engineers gathered to learn how EIT’s unique Australian qualifications, which are driven by industry, can transform engineering careers.

Dr Steve Mackay, Dean of Engineering, streamed in from Australia to introduce the session and respond to some questions. He spoke of EIT’s academic pathways which can be accessed by students directly from school or by artisans and tradesmen and women. He explained how students graduate as engineering technologists and then, if desired, professional engineers. The Dean also spoke of his belief in the power of automation in our modern era. He said:

“Your studies, your job, your career, and your life will be changed by automation. This is where EIT and you come into the picture. We are in a hyper-connected world. Everything is becoming software driven, and we are bringing engineering education into that realm and into this globally digital world. We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We can see it in action, and we want students to get the necessary skills required for the technologies defining the oncoming industries of the future.”

Steve stated that technologies, and the fusion of technologies, are impacting the planet across first and third world economies. And EIT’s International Education Manager for the regions of Africa and South America, David Gadjus, went further, explaining how industrial automation is transforming engineering across all disciplines and across the globe. He also drew on his experiences travelling across the continents, saying:

“Some people ask if engineering is a dead-end. Categorically not, engineers have always been in demand. Even in the bad times, even when there is a recession. You will never really look back. The only challenge is that you must keep building on your knowledge and career; there are a huge number of jobs we do not even know about yet. We have to grab the opportunities by the horns.”

One of EIT’s Course Advisors, Kamohelo Tsotetsi, gave clarity at the seminar on the several Accords that EIT has acquired and which formalise the global relevance of EIT’s qualifications. He said:

“We have courses accredited under the Dublin, Sydney and Washington Accords. We are an institution that allows you to - while you are working and gaining experience in industry - study towards your future career goals. Alternatively, if you are just graduating from school, you can apply to join our Bachelor degrees. There are options and pathways to unlocking your future - and we are here to help.”

David Gadjus rounded off the seminar by espousing EIT’s on-campus studies in Australia. It is another option for eligible South African students, for those who would prefer to study abroad. EIT delivers five higher education qualifications on-campus in Perth, Western Australia:

  • Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)
  • Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering)

The attendees at the seminar were intrigued by the prospect of acquiring Australian qualifications in engineering whether studying from home in South Africa, using EIT’s live and interactive online platform of learning, or on-campus in Australia.

With South Africa being a moment away from an election, job creation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and skills development are hot topics.

Are you looking to work your way up towards a rewarding and mobile career in Engineering? Or do you require professional development in an already established career? Enquire about EIT’s diverse range of online courses and the on-campus degrees that are available today.

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