on June 14th, 2018

What modern curriculum vitae should look like is a question that prospective employees are asking themselves all over the world. For those seeking employment in the engineering industries this is a particular challenge because it requires some creative aptitude – not always something that comes naturally to technical gurus.


And yet, fierce competition in the modern workplace means that perfecting a CV and marketing oneself as the best possible candidate is critical, despite being tedious.

Thankfully there are some basics that graduates can apply to their CVs that will help them at least be considered by employers.

Steve Mackay, the Dean at the Engineering Institute of Technology, believes that the rules of CVs have changed. What used to work in the past does not necessarily work today. He said:

“First of all, ensure your CV is designed for the particular job you are applying for. Most people think they can use a generic resume because they have to apply for lots of jobs. This is not advisable. If you feel it is a good fit then use it, but then ensure your cover letter is specific and thorough. Your CV should use plain English and the information should be laid out simply and logically…and leave lots of white space. Grammar and spelling must be one hundred percent accurate. Avoid too much detail; the CV that is 20 pages long is not acceptable. An executive summary at the top of the resume is a good idea. Be specific! Focus on the job you really want. Your CV should also include business strengths and business wins.”

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What is available for those needing to build a CV?

On some college campuses students organize events to assist others who aren’t well versed in putting their CVs together.

And services like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, which are often underrated, have templates that people can utilize for their CVs.

The reality is that many people don’t know where to begin, but do engineering professionals have it harder than others when trying to show off their experience?

One engineer has an interesting take on it. When talking to social media site Reddit he showed what he thought the modern resume could look like. He has created an entire website to show off his experience. The site serves as a portfolio of things he has designed, worked on and perfected in the past. It also links to all of his social media, and even his GitHub repository.

Take a look at it:  http://julian6alvarez.strikingly.com/


He breaks up his website resume into four sections:

Engineering        -           Design         -         Experience           -          Contact

Evidently he had worked at some cutting-edge aerospace engineering companies; involved in both the design and engineering of many projects.



Back to basics


Nonetheless, there are many companies that prefer the no-frills approach to CV submissions. Unless otherwise asked, send the company an age-old, basic CV. Consider the following table of ‘Dos and Don’ts’. It is from an assortment of engineering experts on creating effective CVs.




Leave white space. Make it easy on the eye. Presentation is everything.

Use weird and wonderful fonts. Avoid hand writing at all costs.

Keep it succinct. NO PARAGRAPHS.

Add unnecessary images.

Double check your grammar.

Add outdated skills.

List all relevant experience.

Use slang or colloquial language.

Tweak your CV based on which employer you are applying to.

State your salary expectations.

Refer to most relevant, important skills. Put them closest to the top.

Make your CV longer than two pages.

Investigate which keywords to include in the CV.

Add information that you cannot verify.

Add major achievements.

Add unnecessary personal information.

Save the resume in multiple formats.

Deviate from a neat and tidy format.



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