We offer a range of personal and academic support services for on-campus and online students that are designed to help you get your studies off to a great start and foster your success through the duration of your program.

Learning Support Officer’s (LSOs)

Both online and on-campus students need support, encouragement, and a go-to person. Our students are supported by dedicated Learning Support Officers (LSOs) for the duration of their studies, giving them a greater chance of success. If you choose to study a professional certificate, vocational graduate certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma, one person is dedicated to you for the duration of your studies. Students studying our higher education programs will have a committed LSO for each unit of study.

Student Services

For our on-campus students, our Student Services team is committed to creating a supportive learning environment appropriate to the age, stage, background, and circumstances of our diverse student population. We encourage you to discuss your personal support needs prior to commencing a program and at any time throughout your studies. We deliver sensitive and respectful support for student wellbeing and provide a referral to other professionals where appropriate.

Academic Support

Whether you are studying online or on-campus, our unique dedicated learning support officers and course coordinators provide academic guidance and support to you throughout your studies. In addition, our lecturers are available for appointments during classroom contact hours and after class via email, phone, and Skype. Our class sizes are small to allow you to build rapport with lecturers and fellow students. This enables you to ask questions and seek clarity when needed. We also provide mathematics support and English language assistance to help with speaking and writing skills.

Tech Support

Whether you have forgotten a password, have trouble accessing our student management system, learning platform, or remote and virtual labs, we provide assistance with information technology queries during normal business hours. Your dedicated Learning Support Officer is the key point of contact in seeking assistance.

Orientation Program

Each semester we conduct a comprehensive orientation week to welcome our new students – explore the campus, meet new friends, settle into campus life, and discover the full range of services and support available to you.

In acknowledgment of the challenges faced while studying overseas, we send our international students a pre-departure handbook that includes information on how to prepare for living and studying in Australia. Our orientation program also provides international students with detail of relevant Australian regulations, transport, health, banking, postal services, and available recreational activities. We offer free advice on locating appropriate and convenient home-stays, rental accommodation, and temporary short term lodgings such as hostels or serviced apartments.  Please contact [email protected].

We provide orientation sessions for all our online programs via our live and interactive webinar lecture platform, BlackBoard Collaborate Ultra.  These orientation sessions are your opportunity to find your away around our online learning environment, explore what services are available to you, and connect with your classmates online.  The online orientation will provide you an overview of our learning management system, support services, your program structure, weekly study requirements, assessment schedule, and attendance expectations.

Student Handbooks

Our student handbooks are the official source of information about online and on-campus study. They include information on programs, tutorials and webinars, IT requirements, accreditation and certification, and assessment information.

Further details of support services are provided in EIT’s Student Support Procedure. Students can contact their Learning Support Officer to access any student support services and are encouraged to discuss their individual support needs with EIT prior to enrolling and at any time throughout their studies.

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