Our Online Learning Methodology

Our unique online delivery methodology makes use of live and interactive tutorials, an international pool of expert lecturers, dedicated learning support officers, and state-of-the-art technologies such as hands-on workshops, remote and virtual laboratories, and simulation software.

As an online student, you will benefit from EIT’s unique personalized synchronous delivery methodology that encourages you to advance your technical and technological knowledge, while forming global networks and balancing life and work commitments.

Our students are supported by dedicated Learning Support Officers (LSOs) for the duration of their studies. The LSO provides support, encouragement, and a go-to person, giving our students a greater chance of success. If you choose to study a professional certificate, vocational graduate certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma, one person is dedicated to you for the duration of your studies. Students studying our higher education programs will have a committed LSO for each unit of study.

Students participate in live interactive webinars with live lecturers and other students. You are not simply given recorded videos to watch on your own.

Webinars are live, interactive sessions over the Internet using advanced web-conferencing software. Students join the lecturer and other participants from around the world in an online ‘virtual classroom.’ You are able to watch a presentation and communicate with the lecturer and other students in real-time with audio, a chatbox, and a variety of other interactive activities.

These webinars will help to keep you motivated and engaged throughout the duration of the program. They usually last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on student interaction.

Dates and times of the live webinars are communicated to students once the application process closes as we take into account student preference to determine the most convenient alternatives for all.

All live webinars are recorded and made available to students through our Learning Management System to watch as often as desired. Student attendance to the live webinars is monitored by our dedicated Learning Support Officers who also audit the session and the lecturers or instructors to ensure proper delivery.

If you are not able to attend a live webinar, you must let your Learning Support Officer know and submit a summary of the recording as evidence that you watched and understood the content taught.

Watch an example of a recorded webinar

Our lab hosting platform, Electromeet, connects you to remote and virtual labs in real-time. Once connected, you will have access to a wide range of engineering software and connected hardware, which will be used in practical assessments throughout your course.

Remote Labs

Electromeet connects you to hands-on remote labs in which you control physical equipment and sensors equivalent to the traditional university engineering lab. The practicals are interactive, controllable, variable, and viewable over webcams in real-time, with examples including; data communication and protocols, scientific instrumentation, physical experimentation, the control and observation of circuits, systems, and machinery, and robotic automation. Students can see the immediate results of their experimentations.

Virtual Labs

Electromeet hosts simulation software for a multitude of engineering applications, including modeling and analysis, science education, programming, power network design, construct models, design and drafting, project management, industrial process control, and virtual plant field operations.

Our remote and virtual labs are hosted primarily in Perth, Australia, but additional labs are located in Johannesburg and London. Utilizing the Electromeet scheduling system, you are able to pre-book exclusive access to the required labs.

Many engineering professionals tend to get a little rusty with their knowledge on mathematics, physics and/or chemistry – which are key underpinning subjects for most of EIT’s programs. Therefore, we offer self-paced online video courses through our sister company, IDC Technologies, to address this gap.

These preparation courses have been designed to enable you to approach your studies with confidence and a solid foundation. The options allow students to review the key concepts of maths, physics, and/or chemistry as they relate to engineering and include plenty of practical examples.

Preparation Maths, Physics and Chemistry
Fundamentals of Engineering Maths
Fundamentals of Engineering Physics
Fundamentals of Engineering Chemistry

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